Ape-filthing Masssive-Bastarding Old-style stompdown

Apologies if this is slightly incohesive. I haven’t slept for around 26 hours and Max and I were sessioning the new effort (lyrics posted earlier) all last night, with interesting results. Now we take you BEHIND THE SCENES of the latest FaceOmeter/The Jones Epic! That’s right; be there, be part of the action, live every second! We had to, and we don’t see why you shouldn’t.

Times are approximate
10:30PM Will arranges to pick up Max
11:15PM Will actually arrives, having been delayed by kind father packing supplies of tea, mince pies, milk, beer, etc.
11:25PM Road trip to office interrupted in futile effort to get cigarettes from petrol station. An hour before midnight. On boxing day.
11:30PM Further diversion sees car skidding around jewellery quarter; all tobacconists have shutters firmly down.
11:32PM Hasty unloading of stuff outside the office; suspicious drunken characters coming towards building. Must get everything inside and lock the door before they get close enough to see we went to a public school. It’s a bit like a computer game?
11:40PM The Jones engages lighting, central heating. Will hides in dark; ambushes Jones. Hilarity reigns.
11:45PM The setting up and tuning up of gear: two acoustics, an electric, a banjo, drums, piano, and most importantly, kettle. Max fashions table for foods and drinks out of broken amp cover balanced on amp. General satisfaction.

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