Ass in to it

The operation known only as OPERATION MINGE COLA is underway. You won’t know what it is until at least tomorrow. Are you excited? I am!


Played at the good ol’ Angel Open Mic on thursday last. The set?

‘Leaf Fall Timetable’
‘Everybody’s Alright’
‘Californian Styled’

The gigs page still doesn’t reflect upcomings because I hate Word as an HTML editor and my new copy of dreamweaver hasn’t reached me yet. So be warned of two upcoming Face gigs of size:

Jan 20th – CB Night at the Lemmy
Feb 15th – 3FF with Monkey Militia!

I’ll also be trying the new 3FF Open Mic this Tuesday and shall very probably put in an appearence at the Lemmy on Weds and the Angel on thurs. To spread the love!


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