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Worked today on a recording of ‘A Brief Distraction’ – this is a slightly less overt collaboration with the Jones, who wrote the chords and then left them with me. I wrote the lyrics and have been consigning the whole thing to record today. They’re some of my most ‘personal’ lyrics and the song has proved a live favourite, boring everyone senseless in a good, dylan-y way.

‘A Brief Distraction’ is the third in a series of tracks that have been coming out of the bedroom here in Exeter over the last few weekends. The other two are ‘Poets in Towers’ and ‘Leaf Fall Timetable’. I’ve removed the old, shit version of the latter from the media page and will probably put up whichever of these tracks is finished first in it’s place. ‘Leaf Fall’ needs a bassline from a synth voice I can’t yet sucessfully replicate, ‘Poets’ is all but done, needing only master production, and ‘Distraction’ needs a harmonica and I’m going to experiment a bit with the e-Bow just cos.

There are some new songs and hopefully a recording of ‘Third Single’ planned for the next few weekends – these will form the backbone of the FaceOmeter EP early next year.

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