Blogwars 37: The Revenge of the Skipper

This rebuttal to skipper’s last comes a trifle late, because I have been exploring the wilds of interior BC in a lincoln town car that went far but not too far because of it’s small mile-to-the-gallon number or whatever it is that governs these things. Up north of Whistler a wizard stopped us in our tracks, said he could give us all we wanted if we cleaned up all our acts. Said that Everyone Loves Raymond had a show after it aired where it was analysed by fundamentalists who only cared for trite religious sentiment which he said was not the point, said Romano tells his jokes for many reasons but prolly not to annoint some kind of gross moral ideal, or at least’s the way he spoke – but then he added “still it’s fair play cos it’s not like they’re good jokes, I mean if you happen to be of italian origin living in new york then it’s probably fairly funny but honey, good comedy talks not just from the heart but also the bile duct, a mixture of the two – and whilst it has good ratings, i don’t see it there. do you?”


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