I’m in Canada, pilchards! Flew out to British Columbia (sunset all the way), hired a guitar for $14, and wrote a song about sailing. It’s pretty deep: the chorus goes

Sailing, sailing, sailing
na na na na naaaaaa
Sailing, sailing, sailing
unh unh unh unh unh unnnnnnhhh
Sailing, sailing, sailing
buh buh buh buh buuuuuuh
Sailing, sailing, sailing

but more on that later! The point is that I’m alive, exploring my inner took-wearing puffy-jacket-sporting syrup-guzzling bear-fishing self, and even writing the odd chord or two. I also finished the Chronological Discworld Project, for which I read every Discworld novel, in order, in a year. A wild ride!

Soon I’m jetting down to Los Angeles to hang out with MC Lars. I have absolutely no idea what will happen when I get there, but you can safely predict that it will result in at least one blog entry…

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