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Forthcoming show!

After the longest haitus since I started this here blog, it’s time for me to tell you that there is a show coming up. Yay show! This one is special for me because it will be my first big one in ages, because I’m promoting it myself, because it’s in the bookshop where I basically learned to read, and because I’ve managed to persuade some friends from out of town to come and play sets with me!

04-faceometer-why-wait-for-failureThis is a picture which I didn’t know existed until I googled myself to find pictures for the events page. Thanks, Tim! It’s a photo from my album launch (already nearly 2 years ago – where does the time go?) and most of you will know already that the awesome loser to my left is The Magic Lantern, a guy who has not let the grass grow under his feet whilst I’ve been moving houses and organising performance arts evenings in Birmingham. Yes, the good ol’ ML is a media force in these straightened times, and it’s a thrill to be beckoning him back to the capital city (of his heart) for what I imagine will be a KILLER of a set.

p03kgy2mMeanwhile, here’s Ditte Elly. There doesn’t seem to be a picture of all three of us together – we’ll soon change THAT – but you can tell that she is a really big deal because she has the word “BBC” near her head. She has an album out which you should listen the ass off of at your earliest convenience. I went to the launch in Oxford a few months ago, and I actually meant to write a really long and deep blog post about how amazing it was, but I got paranoid about becoming too fannish and/or too similar to my last excessively lengthy post about people releasing albums.

This is not the first time that the three of us have shared a stage! We did a show up at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle many years ago when Magic Lantern and I were on our famous Spring’s Labour’s Lost Tour. It was a properly special evening and I have been waiting for the excuse to recreate. Our venue is the recently-refurbished and super-cosy Waterstone’s right in the city centre (about a minute’s walk from New St station, if you’re planning to jet in from a distance), and we’re gonna be playing unamplified amidst the books, trading songs and memories, and having a great time.

Tickets are availiable right now at this link, and the show takes place from 6:30pm on Tuesday, Nov 1st. It’s been far too long since I did a proper set, but this is my dream gig and I cannot wait to get out there. Please do come and be part of it!


The Hatstand night is developing apace. I just put up this short film, in which I test metaphor to its limits by building an actual hatstand as a promotional exercise.

If you’re in or near Birmingham I’d love to see you at our opening night on December 7th! More details on this post below.

What else has been going on? Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the company of this insane beast:

2015-10-20 00.28.15There is a small prize for guessing the species.

I’ve just finished a new song called ‘The Elephant in the Room’. It’s about the experience of living with an elephant. So I suppose “living with different animals” has been the theme of recent weeks. But I’ve been having other experiences, too – I’ve been seen at a few Catweazles recently, popped over to see a teen pop sensation thriving at an open mic in Edgbaston, and I got my hands on a first edition of The Hunting of the Snark today. Slow and steady wins the race!

Incoming Shows

Dearest friends, I have three wild gigs coming up which I’d like you to take note of..!

Oxford – The Cellar – May 2nd
This is a show supporting Thomas Truax, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! It’s likely to sell out so you may want to grab tickets in advance!

Brighton – St Peter’s Church – May 6th
I’m turning up at this well-located and atmospheric establishment to show the South Coast what I’ve got! Doors at 7:30!

Birmingham – Glee Club – May 16th
I’m appearing at the first ever show in a new space run by the Glee Club. This’ll be an afternoon show, running from 2-6pm. I’ll let you have more details when I know them!

I was in the studio with Dean McCarthy today to record a little something for the Magic Lantern. He captured this dramatic picture of his new record-o-box, also featuring my feet.

CDWnnapXIAEyT3iPlayed the Catweazle Club last night and got a third song (a great honour) for only the second time ever – the set was ‘Hippo Calypso’ (that’s a new one), ‘Unwillingness to Dance‘, and ‘A Strange Visitor‘. I’m also in the latest issue of Catweazle Magazine with a new column about stupid games! In print or live, Catweazle is one of my favourie places to be – it’s been a treat!

Let the Hype Commence

Last weekend I went to see the Magic Lantern launch his new album. It was a solemn and moving occasion, full of good vibes and lovely people. The experience made me wish that I could be like Jamie, and have a big release party for an album that I just recorded with Dean McCarthy.

HOW CONVENIENT. I do in fact have such an album primed for release, and it’s time to celebrate!

BzWTGd_CYAEm7XyArt by the delicious Freya Hartas of course

The two big shows will be in Oxford (Sunday, Nov 2nd) and London (Thursday, Nov 6th). Here’s the wrinkle: we’re setting these shows up through Tigmus, a cool artist-run music promoter that does everything through pre-sales. This means that we need to sell a certain (low) number of (cheap) tickets ahead of the shows, or they won’t happen.

Details of each show are below, but I just wanted to urge you to do everything you can to make these shows as awesome as possible: come if you can, share if you can’t, and let’s have a couple of really, really special nights.

Making this record has been an intense privilege, and I really want to celebrate with as many of you as possible. Please get tickets now and come along!

Our venue for this is the Jam Factory, which some of you will remember as the atmospheric space where we recorded the choir tracks for the album! This time, though, we’ll be upstairs. There will be a piano with Mr. Sam Taplin playing upon it, Ditte Elly will be there with some of her tunes, and The Magic Lantern will be dropping in to pay his respects. Tickets are a measly £4. To buy them, go to, click on the tile which says ‘FaceOmeter – Oxford Nov 2nd’, type in the number of tickets you want, and hit the giant T to check out with paypal. Simple! Please do it in the next 48 hours or the show won’t happen!

In London, I’m hoping to stop by the Stour Space in order to have good times with a posse of the usual suspects. It’s a miraculous venue in Hackney Wick, which you can see more about here. Guest acts are not all confirmed yet, but I can tell you that the Magic Lantern (whose own album launched last week) is never far away where I am concerned! Tickets are a measly £4. To buy them, go to, click on the tile which says ‘FaceOmeter – TBC, London’, type in the number of tickets you want, and hit the giant T to check out with paypal. Simple!


London and Beyond

At somewhat late notice, I’m delighted to announce a short season of shows taking place in London this weekend – and beyond.

Saturday, Oct 4th

My longstanding friend and ally Jamie, who makes music as the Magic Lantern, has a new album out. I’ve had a sneaky preview copy in my car for a few weeks, and it’s a real stunner. Jamie’s politely asked me to play a few songs to open the proceedings at St. Mark’s Church, Culverston Crescent, Dalston at 8pm this Saturday. This will be a cracker, and if you’re in the capital you don’t want to miss it.

Sunday, Oct 5th

I’m making a swift one-off return to the Railroad in order to settle unfinished business with Yo Zushi. It’s their last barbeque of the summer, and it’ll be my last show before the release of my own album! Speaking of which –

Album Release Shows: Nov 2nd+

You can buy tickets RIGHT NOW for my album release shows in London and Oxford, which are to be found through This Is Good Music. In fact, you have to buy them now: these gigs work only on advance sales and won’t take place if there isn’t sufficient interest. So do book now! More shows for that week will be announced soon!

Festival Announcements

I’m playing two festivals this summer: the Green Man festival near Abergavenny in August, and the Tandem festival near Oxford the weekend after next.  I’m looking forward to both! I’ve wanted to play Green Man for ages, and I went as a punter last year and had a fantastic time – the prospect of playing the 2014 show has been made even more juicy by the presence of the bill of Jeffrey Lewis and Neutral Milk Hotel, two of my biggest influences. I’m on a much smaller stage than them, but it’s great to feel part of the same thing!

The Tandem lineup is great as well, and includes personal friends(/enemies) like James Bell, Matt Chanarin, and Sam Taplin as well as some other wicked people I’ve worked with before – Sam Lee, Count Drachma, and Firefly Burning. Check out their full programme, which includes a page on me. This promotional image is also redolent with promise:

unnamedEspecially if the weather holds up, these are going to be really special events – and I know there are still tickets left for both. I really hope to see some of you there!

Unwillingness to Dance

A while ago, I played at a fantastic show with Sofar Sounds in Oxford – you can hear the whole set here! Now, Sofar have released a really nice-looking video of one of the songs, and decided to feature it on their website! Aw, you guys.

They chose the first ever performance of Unwillingness to Dance, which I’d finished writing a few days before this was show. It’s not a flawless rendition, but it’s great to see the crowd getting into it and having a good time!

New Dates

Guys, it’s my pleasure to announce a bunch of new shows. After a moderately dormant period it’s going to be really nice to stretch my wings and play you all some new (and old) material! If there’s a show near you, I hope you’ll come out! Or, come and see the show!

20th April – OxfordOld Fire Station
(as part of the Oxford Folk Weekend)

Then, on tour with The Magic Lantern (pictured below):

26th April – LondonHarrison’s Bar – Tickets here!
29th April – BirminghamThe Lamp Tavern
30th April – OxfordAlbion Beatnik (with Matt Sage)
4th May – Newcastle-upon-TyneStar and Shadow Cinema
9th May – FalmouthThe Grapes (with Rosie Caldecott)
10th May – BristolCafé Kino (with Two White Cranes)


NB. We are still hunting for shows for this tour, especially in the north around that May 4th Newcastle date, or in the Southwest between the 6th and 8th! If you know anywhere you’d like us to play – including your living room – then get in touch with faceometer at gmail dot com!

And not forgetting, later in May, two special shows:

24th May – Leicester – The Soundhouse (with MC Lars)
28th May – London – Surya (with MC Lars)

There are some extremely exciting shows here, potentially – but it’s audiences, not dates and venues, which make shows great. So come and be part of one of them!

Christmas Shows!

FaceOmeter has a minor role in two forthcoming Christmas spectaculars:

  • At Railroad, East London, on Sunday Dec 16th. This show re-unites me with Ish Marquez, who is great, and there’ll also be a whole host of other bands for the café’s Christmas party, including Poivrons (OKAY?!?!), Manila Folder, and many more. Party starts at six!
  • At the Hare and Hounds, King’s Heath, Birmingham, on Sunday Dec 23rd, supporting the Dirty Old Folkers’ pantomime show. I have no idea what this is going to be like, but I expect your filthy imagination is already pretty near to the mark!

It’s possible that I will be playing some Christmassy material at these events. But don’t count on it!

Ready to Rock?

The end of every creative endeavour is a faltering mewl of fits and starts, with the exact moment of completion unidentifiable amidst a haze of administrivia, hype, last-minute revision, and disappointment. Was Last Days in the Capital complete when I wrote the last word of the last song, a few months back? Was it complete when we finished the fourth of our three recording sessions on it in early October? Is it complete today, the day we ran everything through mastering through the last time, administered the Peug tests, and started uploading files to Bandcamp? Or will it be complete when I press the ‘release’ button – it’s frighteningly abstract and disconnected, doing a digital release – in a few days’ time?

Perhaps it will only really be out when the material on it has seen a little live action, and it’s certainly going to be great to have something new to sell on the merch table at the numerous upcoming shows around England I have lined up! I played the first Hallowe’en show with TT&J last week in glorious Pangbourne, and I think we all had a riot of a time. Playing live is certainly the most fun part of what I do – for me, at least: I had a chat with Matt “Catweazle” Sage a while back in which he confessed that he vastly prefers recording, the sensation of being able to get everything right. Not me! It’s been far too long since a good whale of a show, far too long in studios and libraries putting stuff together. Well, now there’s a new record to flog, and plenty of shows to flog it at, and plenty of new material to play at the shows, and plenty of awesome other acts on the bill too! It’s going to be a blast and you simply have to come!

If you live in Oxford or Birmingham, we’re doing two shows in each of those places, and there’s also stuff happening in Falmouth, Exeter, Bristol, and London! Even if you live in the very centre of Dartmoor itself there’s no excuse, for we play in the tiny village of Gidleigh on Nov 10th! Visit the shows page for more details!