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The Hatstand night is developing apace. I just put up this short film, in which I test metaphor to its limits by building an actual hatstand as a promotional exercise.

If you’re in or near Birmingham I’d love to see you at our opening night on December 7th! More details on this post below.

What else has been going on? Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the company of this insane beast:

2015-10-20 00.28.15There is a small prize for guessing the species.

I’ve just finished a new song called ‘The Elephant in the Room’. It’s about the experience of living with an elephant. So I suppose “living with different animals” has been the theme of recent weeks. But I’ve been having other experiences, too – I’ve been seen at a few Catweazles recently, popped over to see a teen pop sensation thriving at an open mic in Edgbaston, and I got my hands on a first edition of The Hunting of the Snark today. Slow and steady wins the race!

Album Teaser

I’m starting to put together the new record in earnest, so it’s time to titillate you with stupid videos about it. This one is about my home city of Birmingham, to which I’ve made an emotional return to finish the writing process.

I’ve really got the hang of HD video editing now (for ‘hang’ read ‘basics’), so this looks good, at least until you take into consideration the fact that it strongly features my face and voice. Enjoy, though!

To Coincidence

I had something I wanted to write a song about, and I wanted to tackle it in a new way and take myself out of my comfort zone – so I gave myself a day, started making loops, and eventually videoed the whole thing.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and might even put it on the album. Both in terms of music and lyrics it was a very different approach from my usual, but if it goes down well perhaps I’ll start doing stuff like this more often. My normal technique (sometimes known as the Six Month Pain Horror approach) has definite advantages over things like this in terms of end product, but maybe you can’t write for loops in the same way you might for straight-up acoustic stuff. Another thing I like here is that this – from concepts to music, camerawork to editing, is all entirely my own work. DIY forever, yo.

This song, it may surprise you to learn, is all part of my new Gypsy direction. Here are some other ideas I’m kicking around just now:

  • The Curious Tale of Sally the Tumbleweed (which I’ve been working on since 2009)
  • Really Rude Heron (I need a rapper to help with this, any takers, didn’t think so)
  • Radcliffe, Triumphant (a song about bike theft)

Vexingly, these are all tunes that require some collaboration (I have volunteers lined up for the first and third already), so I suppose the defiantly DIY days of To Coincidence are already waning. But anything which results in there being new songs is probably all to the good!

Unwillingness to Dance

A while ago, I played at a fantastic show with Sofar Sounds in Oxford – you can hear the whole set here! Now, Sofar have released a really nice-looking video of one of the songs, and decided to feature it on their website! Aw, you guys.

They chose the first ever performance of Unwillingness to Dance, which I’d finished writing a few days before this was show. It’s not a flawless rendition, but it’s great to see the crowd getting into it and having a good time!

Installing Windows

A few weeks ago I upgraded my operating system, and made a video as I went along to vary the monotony! It didn’t work, because it just added monotonous editing time to my monotonous upgrading time! But at least there’s now an amusing short film for you to watch I guess…

Dancin’ on the Night Train

I decided to release the video I threw together for ‘Silent Shrove (Dancin’ on the Night Train)’ a few months ago. Please do share it around if you like it!

The song is based on a tune that The Dapper Swindler and I came up with for a Silent Movie we made last year. The story it tells is completely true. The video combines elements of the story and the movie with footage of my last few weeks in London, which the song is also about, really.

That’s why it’s the leading track on Last Days in the Capital, a 4-song record which, I politely remind you, can be purchased for a miserable £2. The download includes this video as well as a whole bunch of other stuff!

Three for Three

I’ve new lyrics to share with you, perhaps tomorrow – but in the meantime it’s time to complete the trio of stupid videos I made whilst dallying in Shropshire a short while back. In this one, released last but recorded first, I attempt to pass the time in Shrewsbury. Sam Taplin IS in it, ladies, but it’s a cameo… you’ll need to hang in there!

In the Shadow of the Long Mynd

According to wikipedia, the geology of the Long Mynd dates back to the Precambrian era, “and during that time would have been 60° south of the equator, the same latitude as the Falkland Islands. Shropshire would have been at the very edge of a large continent near the sea, which was being buckled by tectonic activity, causing volcanoes to form”. Some time after all that, Sam Taplin and I bounced around over the top of it all, making videos. Isn’t the world strange?


Happy Shrove, everyone! I’ve been making a stupid video every Shrove since 2008, and I’m sure this year will be no exception. Whilst I ready myself, though, perhaps you’d like to enjoy my first ever Shrove video from all those years back. Though slightly dated in its style, this is a recipe I stick by, even though following it would now result in days of protracted illness and pain! And the Derridean binaries rule remains as true of toppings now as it was then. FIVE YEARS AGO, deuds!