Well, it’s been long enough since my previous posting, hasn’t i? But I have many things to report


I’ve mainly been tied up in administrative affairs. Which is shocking, considering I’ve been living here for over a month now. But the course has only just got going, leaving me reeling in pure pleasure (obv) and with lots on my plate. Amongst those things: FINDING A JOB. This is preposterously difficult. I mean, seriously. It really is. I mean, honestly. Seriously. But hey, at least the continuous absense of one allows to spend more time on matters such as THIS:

That’s right, kids! This was the time when Anna Navarre and I danced naked (ish) on a mountain top in VENTARI’S REFUGE

But seriously, Anton Beauxleigh is rapidly becoming LORD OF THE ELEMENTS. He’s now level 19 and spends a lot of his time contemplating the infinate expanses of the desert.

Look at him! He’s so deep.

ANYWAY, I’m sure something else has been going on. Ah yes! Teal’c!


Look at him, man. LOOK AT HIM

OK, lets turn to something a little more serious (but still dirty sci-fi, so those non fannies amongst you can keep on walkin’) – we finally got access to serenity yesterday.


This film met the pretty high expectations I had of it from everyone else who saw it before me. Both fans of Firefly and people who didn’t know what

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