Ding 38

Somehow I still find time in my life for World of Warcraft, although I suspect that once I’ve got Abertawe his mount the fun may have to come to an end. Such is the inevitable cost of a hectic rockstar career (or the anticipation of one) (or the hope of the anticipation of one) (anyway, moving on):

As you can see, the MIGHTY Abertawe, his new talent points solidly invested in making windfury weapon THE HAXIEST THING ON PLANET EARTH(/azeroth), has reached level 38. Two levels, 40 gold pieces and two PvP ranks away from the grail that is a Kodo to call his own. How much progress he’ll make towards that goal over the coming week depends largely on how successful I am at writing songs. Here’s a list of projects that are currently “dans le agenda” (french for “on the agenda”):


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