Executive Birmingham

I am now once again, quite officially, a proud resident of the City of Birmingham – a city which, if you believe Microsoft Flight Simulator X, consists entirely of the BT tower, the rotunda, and a two-dimensional carpet of dappled grey and green. This is not an entirely fair representation – there’s also Cadbury World in real life – but it is refreshing to note that Microsoft thought to include Five Ways Tower, the mysteriously empty skyscraper opposite my house, on their blueprints. Whether sitting in its real shadow or illegally racing past its virtual counterpart at 200ft in an F/A-18 I remain struck by what a wonderful place this is, especially now that my room is tooled up with a new duvet and an ultra-stylish office chair which means I can sit at my desk without getting cramps in my ass now.

But wait, there’s more! One of the reasons I’ve been a little slack on the blog lately is because my zone has transformed beyond your wildest dreams – the new purchases I just mentioned are merely the icing on a cake which took about two weeks to bake and involved throwing away about 16 binbags of gcse revision notes and other accumulated crap. In my new chillboudoir, Peeking Duck Studios has come out from its hiding place and now has a bold, tea-lit presence on the desk, and already the consequences are becoming noticeable. There’s a new FaceOmeter song called ‘A Strange Visitor’ which will be appearing on the album and which you’ll be able to hear on myspace quite soon, and I’m working on some other ideas as well.

Speaking of myspace, the page has had a rewrite to match the real-life tidy up, and now contains loads of new wordspeech for your perusal. Sounds will be along presently, and until they arrive I offer you this short video as a cop out:

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