Strange winds compel me from the Internet’s shores this Christmas, so I wish you a good one in advance and give you the sweetest of christmas gifts, some new lyrics (to Song fo the Summer)! Join me after I return on the 27th for another special recording bonus I have planned… and bless us every one.

Hey hey hey hey

The past becomes past faster than you’d reasonably think
just electronic washing up in consciousness’ sink
so now we’re sat here punching numbers into cheese which we can’t sell
and we seem to spend so much time trying not to say farewell (farewell)
and like a river or a sunset or something that’s just as trite
the current ebbs and flows and yet you always get the night
and you’re 26% of the reason I’m still here
strumming stupid songs and striving not to sound over sincere

Here we are again
Towns which look the same
Everybody goes
All the same chain stores
Fighting global wars
They don’t give us pause…

In the depths of the old west the used to settle things with guns
We duel with songs and sing along and have just as much fun
so now we’re sat here under starshine and the lights of swooping planes
as they hurtle human beings apart and bring them back again
and it’s a Brownian motion, I guess everyone’s always flowing
and we seem pretty busy for folks who don’t know where we’re going
yet we also aren’t at all, we still have time to twiddle thumbs
a dissolute distraction from diverging purging strums

Bidding you adieu
Filling up bare rooms
Sure we’ll make it through
Period costumes
We’re all saying “I’m
Too fragile for this climb”
But there’s always next time…

Hey hey hey hey

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