fO ftl kik

It’s been another day at the FaceOmeter factory. A slow start with several abortive songwriting attempts, then the first third of some potential lyrics for my uber long term project song about the toilets in the lemmy (one i’ve been planning for ages and which probably won’t be complete for about another five years). Then I spent the afternoon crafting a recording of Poets in Towers that I’m actually quite happy with, though it still needs a bassline and possibly even drums before it is officially “anywhere”. Spent the last part of the day perfecting (yeah right) my versions of Magic Lantern’s “Somebody Told Me” and Neutral MIlk Hotel’s “A Baby for Pree”… more lyrics to learn.

Tomorrow, more FaceOmeter love will hopefully wing its way in your direction. One wonders if I can keep the pace up.

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