Getting Back Into It

There’s been a lot on lately. I won’t go into details on this blog, but let’s just say that moving house the day after a jetlagged return from a rushed visit to foreign lands was only the tip of the iceberg. And in all the chaos and confusion, it’s been pretty much three weeks since I touched my guitar, which has sat obediently in its case this whole time. Waiting.

One goes through these phases, and I always knew that not much would get done in February, music-wise. But tonight I finally got half an hour to sit down with the twang, and I’m actually almost glad I took the pause. It was cool to sit down and play some old songs of mine with a genuine feeling of rediscovery (“I wrote this! This is mine!”) and to play a few covers that I’d forgotten I knew the words to (“time, time, time”). It was doubly cool to do so in the still half-finished atrium of a new house, which I hope will be the heart of some really awesome new projects.

In short, it’s pleasuarable to be reminded that I’m still a musician, that I still know how my fingers work, and that my guitar is still the best guitar there is (fret buzz and all). The next few weeks are pretty jammed too, but I’m slowly warming up to start playing live again. Playing tonight, I realised that I was heading that way more out of habit than out of a genuine desire to do shows. But now my heart’s back in it. Though time is still scanty, there are shows to plan and an album to finish. The going will be slow over the next few weeks, but I feel like I have something to aim at again.

So, as my gig hiatus comes to an end – would you like me to play in your area? I’ve got a new bookings page especially for your needs! Check it out.

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