Here we are again

In response to Julian Wolfrey’s Readings, I managed to find this excellent quotation from a distinguished journalist, I mean scholar:

“Even those who accept the need for and value of theory must be wary of criticism which only criticises criticism. A critical work may certainly be critiqued (in the everyday sense – “told off”, “shown to be flawed” – a practice I will refer to as criticisme from now on to prevent (?) confusion), but to criticise it is either to elevate criticism to the status of that it purports to examine, or, worse, to place yet another level of removal between the student and that which we really must stop calling “the text” and once again come to regard as “the book”. Even if ultimatley worthwhile and even necessary, criticism need not be “critical” (crucial). The play’s the thing.

By “criticismeing” such criticism on its own stupid terms (ie. my own stupid terms) like this I am doubtless falling in to my own trap and so on. If anoyone bases an essay on that fact I will come round to their house and piss in their letterbox.”

– Jacques Tattques-Dill, Criticism/Criticisme (2008)

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