Hot Gig Information

Rabid fans, please note: the Edinburgh Cellars gig advertised on myspace and the FaceOmeter website as taking place on the second of April is actually taking place on the 31st of March. Apologies for the false advertising.

This is going to be a free gig, sidling from the brain of Jamie “Magic Lantern” Doe, who is gathering the forces of the Hectic Eclectic to present what should be a most memorable evening for y’all… do come down!

Also, keen observers will already have noticed that I’m kicking off the Oxford Punt with a short set in Border’s bookstore near St. Giles on the 14th of May at 6 in the evening. This is an oxford-wide showcase of some of the city’s finest, and it’s a thrill to be a part. This gig will also be free, so… do come down!

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