I can send you a billion digitals

Props to the Dapper Swindler, who in a rare moment of knowing what the Internet is sent me this link to a fabulous looking Weltmeister Caprice. Now I can’t afford it (obviously), but I can afford to reproduce the brilliantly translated disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Or should I say “beside the anterior of the webbed location”?

For shipment damages I do not take over adhesion. Everything which I auctioneer is before for its condition and function – if differently not indicated – examined. Complaints after dispatch cannot be accepted (even if no outward damage is identifiable by the package) I sales fair, which one sees also on my evaluations. I can be responsible however for it if a courier driver the package with your article, inadmissibly and not with ensure-fall to enough treated.Insured postage ! (DPD International Express) The article (like that as it is) from private sells to request to have it understanding for this reference. Because after the new legislation I am to be pointed out obligated that I do not take over warranty / guarantee for the offered article. This does not mean that the article is not correct, but rather that I cannot naturally carry the guaranteeing out required by law as a private person.”

Hey though, before we get too merry… this is still way above my German. Just bear it in mind the next time somebody tells you that there are no rules in language so long as meaning is clear. Take THAT, Orwell!

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