It doesn't have a title yet

…and the long awaited fOlk-rap has finally been realised fully. Recording pending.

Are those cicadas or car alarms wending through the night?
Country and the city is a topic one could write about
but meaning must be seeming to be gleaming from the verse
& this subject has a budget which will tax the lyric purse,
& it’s not that there aren’t things here that it ain’t worthwhile to sing
it’s more that you’re unsure exactly what it is you’d bring
cos this theme’s been in the stream of social consciousness for ever
Dickens, Gaskell, Forster, Larkin, others just as clever
have reflected all perspectives, so why inflict your own?
Your attitudes and platitudes concern just you alone.
Come to that, it seems that these days it’s not so much what you say, those
self-expectations & vexations futile in a way, because

If you’ve got the rhyme & the crowd has got the time
they might join you when you chime in “Ooo, la la la”
If some happenstance or other robbed them of a lover
and you go there they might join in “Ooo, la la la”
Sprinkle tunes with contradictions, meaning being no restriction,
slot in lots of dodgy diction “Ooo, la la la”
Ram in the clich

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