Let's Sleigh them

It seems the one defining characteristic of a “family” TV show is that some bastard in the post production office has not only slapped on almost incessant background music but has turned it up so that it’s slightly too loud…

…you’re with me, right? There’s usually some jaunty “comedy” theme with the horns section slightly muffling the actual jokes, some stupid string part undermining any attempts to be vaguely serious. Whether or not you agree that this is a general complaint of “family” shows, it’s certainly what Vadim Jean’s production of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather for Sky One is blown away by. The move to “familify” is understandable, but quite upsetting when you consider that the pretty much overriding message of the book is that you shouldn’t treat kids like idiots. They don’t need all these musical pointers to be able to figure out that what’s going on is happy, sad, funny, or whatever.

Hogfather was never going to be perfect, of course, but the fact that it’s so bloody close is actually quite annoying. In all respects other than the one mentioned above it shows almost unprescendented fidelity to the book, in fact it may well be guilty of the rare crime of being too dependant on the source text. But I spoke out of turn, of course. The music isn’t there for the kiddies at all, not really. It’s the adults who need help

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