Looking Backward

As I’ll be offline over new year, I’m having to ramp up my normal schedule of backward-looking Year in Review bullshit. I’ll write the big cryptic disclosure and leave it up here for automatic release on the 31st – exciting! – in this post I wanted to do something very slightly different, which is tick off definite accomplishments of 2011. It was a beast of a year for all sorts of reasons, and I entered it, as you may remember if you clicked that link, with three objectives: write two chapters, release a CD, and make my open mic night popular. Two and a half out of three isn’t bad – Bright Idea is doing better than it was a year ago, but it’s hardly a runaway success story. I don’t mind this so much because even with a low turnout we somehow always manage to have a great time! I did all the rest.

I also wrote 8 songs (“…Klaus Diemler…”, “Time at the Old Evening Cabbage”, “The Gallop of the Monkey Horse”, “Thomas A. Edison’s Bright Idea”, “One for the Windowbox”, “Swing for the Summer”, “Child of Monkey Horse!”, “An Evening at the Pub with Bosun Peters”), and have serious steps towards 3 more (“Radcliffe, Triumphant”, “About Time”, “Muscle Memory”). A few more musical ideas are currently ‘in the air’ and may yet become something! As well as releasing The Spooky EP with Sam Taplin and Max Jones, I also curated Catweazle’s first Compilation CD. I guest-hosted seven catweazles too, and 46 Bright Idea nights in East London. There have been 8 new FaceOmeter videos this year, including the legendary Greenwich Shrove episode of fOwl, the video which Taplin and I now refer to simply as ‘the coup‘, and the laboriously produced Spooky documentary. I ran (or co-ran) three different series of seminars at college, altogether totalling twenty sessions. I organised my first full-blown academic conference (only a one-dayer, but still) and gave papers at four others. I even wrote some poetry, and I have a pretty good idea for a children’s book – but don’t hold your breath for either of those.

I bunched all this in one place because it’s sometimes easy to forget that one does occasionally produce tangible things, and that accomplishments, however they might look next to somebody else’s, do exist. It’s also helpful to have a list like this so you can see what to aim at next year – more on that in the forthcoming post. Meanwhile – I encourage you to make a similar list of your own. You’ve done more than you think, and it’s the time of year to remember that! Feel awesome about yourself! Woo!

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