Moving WordPress Around

Oh? You mean you didn’t notice that this was a wordpress site? Yes, I’ve hidden it really well up until now, haven’t I?

Instead of writing songs or playing shows or doing any of that overrated stuff, I decided to move this website over to a different host. The reason is already becoming hazy, but I noticed that I wasn’t using any of the SQL features or the credit card email shopping marketplace commerce tablet interaction cPanel stuff that I was apparently paying like £100pa for with the old guys. You know the adage: if you want to save money, you have to spend several evenings learning that moving a website is really complicated.

Sorry to those (three) of you who tried to access the site during its ‘unscheduled down time’ last week. It’s been an uphill battle: I’ve learnt (and immediately forgotten) an extraordinary amount about cascading style sheets, and some of the battle scars are still visible on this page (hopefully to fade with time, as I tinker). It’s an observation detectable in a few of my songs, but it really is amazing how much work we’re capable of making for ourselves, when we put our minds to it. Anyway – onwards and upwards! Guitars are fun.

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