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Those of you who regularly visit the Media page for no reason, just in case, will have discovered a recent change in the content avaliable. I’ve decided to make the Media page my den of crazy live recordings, demos, and so on… all the bonuses man could want. Meanwhile, the myspace page will shortly have a few of the “studio” recordings on it.

Though myspace isn’t ready yet, there’s now all-new content on the media page. Here’s what you’ll find:
Drinking Song – A Complete “Studio” recording of a Jones/Tattersdill tune about some of Birmingham’s finest pubs. This is one of those songs that doesnt really go on an album (it’s over a year and a half old anyway) but we still play it live loads.
Everybody’s Alright (Live) – This is an acoustic performance of the fO favourite about being young and stuff. Taped at the Angel earlier this year, it features Johnny Brocklehurst on backing vocals.
Lauren (Studio Live) – Max and I penned an instrumental duet last year. Because of the way the guitars feed off each other, it will probably never get properly recorded. This is the second of three takes we did with it in an actual studio, ably recorded and produced by the amazing Mr. Neil Ogilvie. What we really need is a good live recording of this, but we always fuck it up live…
Mellow Drama (AHBP) – This bedroom recording of one of the newer fO tracks is very different from the “studio” version because instead of featuring the beautiful Lizzie Parle on vocals, it features the even more beautiful* Jon Chatwin on Banjo.
Two-Minute Roadtrip (AHBP) – Max and I had just enough time to write this song and record a single take of it before we had to live hundreds of miles away from each other again. It’s about a badger, as will become obvious if you listen.

I have a few other goodies in my sack of love, but for now I’m focusing on Campfire Songs so that’s probably the configuration that will remain up there for a little while. That said, I’m eager to “touch up” a live track of FaceOmeter & Friends playing ONS last term! When that happens, you’ll be the first to know! Well, you probably won’t… I will… ahem

Visit the media page to listen to the love!

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