Pretty much every FaceOmeter release can be enjoyed for free below, or, for a more detailed view, over on Bandcamp – please browse your heart out! It’s also easy to pay for physical CDs or digital downloads from the links here.

In addition, FaceOmeter music can be heard via Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.


The most recent FaceOmeter LP is Why Wait for Failure? (November 2014), which has beautiful art from Freya Hartas and guest appearances from James Bell, Ditte Elly, and the Hectic Eclectic Folk Choir! It was recorded with Dean McCarthy in Oxford.

Last Days in the Capital (October 2012) is a small EP which incorporates video, text, and photo elements (which are included as bonus material in the download). It dwells on the time I had leaving London and was recorded as an excuse to road-test the Dapper Swindler’s new recording studio.

The Spooky EP (October 2011) is a joint production of Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones. Presenting five Hallowe’enish tracks masterfully recorded by Dean McCarthy, we can guarantee you thrills, chills, and crap dancing skills. The Spooky EP has its own website here.

To Infinitives Split (July 2009) is the first full-length FaceOmeter LP, collecting a bunch of material written between 2005 and 2009 and mastered by John Jones in Devon. MC Lars, The Dapper Swindler, and Lizzie Parle are among the guest stars!

Campfire Songs (June 2006) is a short concept EP of mysterious stories told by strangers in the heart of the forest. Engineered by Johnny Brocklehurst in Exeter and featuring The Dapper Swindler on track 3, this is the oldest FaceOmeter record available online.