My ambition

…is to be at the front of the ridiculous queue for Harry Potter for six days, wait through rain and fire and ice to be the first at the counter, and when at midnight they say “okay we’re open”, say “yeah have you got a copy of ‘the worst witch’ by Jill Murphy?”

Oh the joy on the faces of those behind me as they wait while the assistant shuffles through the electronic catalouge

“Well, we can order it in for you”
“Excellent… I live in an area with no postcode, will that be a problem? That’s often a problem”

A problem like that time I queued in New York for the PS3 release in Circuit City: “yeahhh um do youuu haaaaaaave a UK to US plug socket adapter basically? I can’t shave at the moment”

I narrowly escaped with my life but I’d be a fool to return to the states in the next five years. Those sony guys have long memories!

There’s a big powercut over here and the electricity keeps going off in my big empty house. It’s terrifying.

Edit: Went to Borders in Birmingham at 01h30 this morning with Emily, because some dreams can’t wait. Either we missed the London-esque street party or Birmingham’s just less WIZARDY, but no-one was dressed up and instead of a vibrant Potter community-of-love there were just a few sordid people intently speedreading the thing at a big table and looking at you the way a rural cornish pub looks at you if you walk in with a copy of the Koran and a CND T-Shirt. After much thought, we decided not to spoil them on the ending, because there’s still an outside chance I might want to breed some day. I’m nailing it down at 2.1%. Then we went to THE CASP. Finally got to bed at about 7, but I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, so Potter lovers, you’d better not cross me till you’ve finished it yourselves.

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