my fingers hurt?

Waste literally hours of your life.

Today has been a packed day, and most excitingly I spent several hours of it down at Steve’s. As a man who knows about sound, Steve was able to help me recreate the original Leaf Fall Timetable bassline (the recipe for which had been lost in the depths of time) on the microKORG… so the new recording of it should rock all the more. Props to steve for that!

Better yet, I got to read ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ today… this has once and for all cemented my love for Stoppard. WHAT A LEGEND. Seriously funny but also seriously POST MODERN EXISTENSIALIST. Haha, as if I get to say that and it’s actually true. NO WAY. Also, as if he’s doing the new script for His Dark Materials? Woooooooooooooooo!

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