My Year in Phones

I can’t remember offhand if I’ve ever sat down and explained to this blog at length about the new phone I got around a year ago, but suffice it to say it hasn’t proved popular in the FaceOmeter camp.

That said, it does have a pretty good camera in it. Impossible to use, of course, but over the last twelve months I’ve accumulated some pretty interesting shots by pure blind chance, and now that the machine has actually condescended to let me get those images off the phone and onto my computer, I thought it was time to share some of them with you.

So consider this a highly unscientific summary of some of the more interesting happenstances of the last twelvemonthish – a little tribute to the men and women of Nokia who worked so hard to ensure I had as bad a time as possible. Pictures appear in the order they were taken but are not necessarily united by anything else except the awful, awful phone on which

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