New Lyrics

Here are some lyrics about a true story that happened to me last week. The song is forthcoming, not on a record but as a free downloadable “single” for you to enjoy alongside a video which it ties in with! How exciting! To avoid spoiling the surprise of the video, the title is still a secret..

Oh, it was comin’ up on midnight, you were feelin’ forthright
In your train carriage alone –
It wasn’t nearly big enough for you to fully strut your stuff
But you damn well gave it a go.

Oh, you bounced to the left and you flounced up the centre
Went a good half a mile in one slide;
Your shimmy undiminished by the jolt with which it finished
While the city shook past outside. 

& riding the adjacent car,
I glanced your way and grabbed guitar,
I fingered one first chord…
Suddenly it seemed essential to perform like never before

Oh, do it for the hundreds who, at dawn, will have to crowd in here
Do it for their dancers within –
Do it for the summer, for ourselves and for each other,
Sharing only this, a wave, and a grin…

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