New Year's Eve Sale!

It only just occurred to me to have a look at my bandcamp stats, and I found that they’d rocketed to an all-time high during my crowdfunding campaign for the second album – despite nothing new being on there. It’s great that the success of the crowdfunding has stimulated a bit of interest in my older stuff, and it seemed that New Year might be a good time to allow folks to complete their FaceOmeter back catalogues…

Therefore, it’s my pleasure to announce that until the end of New Year’s day, digital downloads from my bandcamp store will be heavily discounted!

Here’s what I’m offering:


To Infinitives Split (2009) – Usually £7.90, now £5
My first full-length LP. Lo-fi recording quality but well-mastered and including several tracks (‘Stuffed Animals’; ‘A Strange Visitor’) which are still live favourites!

The Spooky EP (2011) – Usually £4, now £3
A product of Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones – of which I represent 1/3rd – this Hallowe’en-themed EP also works at other times of the year! Exceptional production standards.

Last Days in the Capital EP (2012) – Usually £2, now £1
I spent ages on this tiny record and no-one bought it. Perhaps this could be its moment? The secret track is amazing I’VE SAID TOO MUCH


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