Of Shirts and Singing

Faced with the surprising success of the crowdfunding campaign for Why Wait for Failure?, I added the possibility of buying T-shirts at about the halfway point. Now that the campaign’s closed, I’ve heard noises of regret from a few people: because the shirts were added later, they’d missed the chance of getting one. These will be very limited edition garments, so it did seem unfair to deny the needy!

In consideration of this, I’ve made it possible to pre-order the remaining shirts through Bandcamp. These were the only limited edition rewards that didn’t sell out completely during the campaign, so naturally I’m delighted if anyone else wants to order one now! They will be handmade and completely beautiful.

Speaking of ‘completely beautiful’, this Sunday, Jan 12th, marks the long overdue reunion of the Hectic Eclectic Folk Choir, which will take place at 11am in The Jam Factory, near Oxford station, and which will run until about 2pm. Those of you interested in singing on the album – be there! Can’t wait.

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