OK now seriously

Went book shopping yesterday.


Any regular on this blog (hi john) will know how I feel about BOOK SHOPPING. Much like trains, it’s a love/hate thing for me. But yesterday hate took presidence when I found some new editions of SHAKESPEARE. You may have heard of this author. He’s quite famous. SO WHY DO THESE NEW EDITIONS HAVE CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS ON THEM? I’m not kidding. These new “trendy” covers are cartoony and arty and fair enough but they also have palpably embarrassing quotations on them from various people who are famous but not as famous as shakespeare is. And there is a reason they’re not as famous as him btw!

OK so why is this? This is almost as bad as celebrities on the Big Read (see earlier post). Why are celebrities more important than literature? They’re not even good celebrities. CHRISTUS. A plague on both publishing houses* for this one.

So mad was I that I regressed ten years and built sofa forts in my living room all night. This is the kind of shit that goes down when ones parents are away for the week.

* that was a clever reference to the fact that

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