ooooohh, ahh, next level games

“Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace’s technical group.”

What are the chances, do you suppose, that it hasn’t? Still, I was trying to do something particularly complicated this time: I was trying to… sign in. OH YEAH

If MySpace is the third most visited site in the universe or whatever, would it kill them to make the bloody thing work? Anyway the reason I was going on there was to post information at on the 17th of August I will be playing the Flapper and Firkin in central Birmingham. Not a stone’s throw away from Symphony Hall, this iconic public house has never been graced with FaceOmeter’s presence, but was the site of Will Tattersdill’s first LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE at the tender age of, oh, I dunno, 17, I forget. Anyway I’m sure it will be nostalgia city so come on down and get involved!

In other news, preperations for the Princess Bride are underway. I’ve borrowed some of my dad’s waterproof trousers, picked up a copy of Cornish Bears: Defeating Them by Jane Austen and done a montage of pressups on my bedroom floor HARDCORE HARDCORE. The Vibe has stolen Max’s accordion and given it back to him, in what I interpret as a gesture of encouragement for the tour. In short, we’re all unbelievably excited, I mean you just wouldn’t believe how excited we are. Oh and I have a new melodica which I’ll probably be getting out for the lads. Enit enit enit.

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