Our dichotomy opens the combat

See, it’s just all too clean. I mean, it’s really clean. All shiny and clanky and mmmph. I don’t want to sound like a twat here*, but the thing about models is that they’re real. And I don’t want to snumb computer art because I feel it is important and even necessary in modern films, but when you’re trying to make a Star Wars film you can’t maintain that FEEL of space combat without having anything tangible to film.

In Star Wars, ships aren’t beautifully rendered, slinky and shiny like Audi A6s that have just slid off the production line like vellum cocks into velvet vaginas… theyre dirty and used and REAL because this is a REAL DIRTY HORRIBLE galaxy and its a LONG TIME AGO (you heard me). I don’t care if it’s the republic at this point! That’s shit! There’s no tension, no excitement in this battle because there’s no CHARACTER, and character comes with being REAL.

This issue of reality is very important. Of course they aren’t realistic. They’re spaceships. In Sci-Fi, believability is measured within the rules which the universe has created, which is a great luxury for most writers. Lucas manages to still struggle with them, and thats why the prequels suck – they dont just break THE rules, they break THEIR OWN rules.

*whoa. waaaay too late!

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