Post-Pantis Existential Shit

Horror at the fact that item 1 on my list of new year’s resolutions is not going to go down has been tempered by the fact that item 2 has already been achieved – the Pantis tour, which I think I can safely describe as a triumph, is over already, and I’ll be hitting this blog up with some intense travel writing pretty soon, amply illustrated by the digital skills of the Swindler.

So where does that leave FaceOmeter? Well, for the first time since I can remember there are no gigs at all upcoming on the myspace page. Having already fulfilled resolution number 2, I’m going to keep things that way so that I can really focus on trying to do some new material. It’s four years since the Garrag Sessions (not five, as I incorrectly announced last night). That’s enough to ruin everyone’s day, and as we played Hazy Recollection on tour – a song I still love – I was struck anew with an impulse which has been with me through the whole tour. I need some new material.

So while I’m closeted with that, and also moving back from Oxford to Birmingham, it’s time to reflect very briefly. We’re exactly halfway through the year, and I’ve achieved two and a half of my five resolutions. The album may be delayed, but I reckon FaceOmeter is right on target.

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