Progress Report #359

It occurs me to let you know, following not-really-new-years-resolution-1, how work on the album goes.

As of right now, To Infinitives Split consists of twelve tracks. Of these, currently:

  • Three are being mastered out-of-house by the excellent John Jones
  • Three are being produced, and nearly finished, chez moi
  • Three are being recorded, in that vague, unsatisfying way
  • Three are being written and/or concieved

So it’s all delightfully symmetrical, and kind of points to the album being “on track”, though we all know how vague my writing times can be…

But I’m really excited about what we’ve got so far – some really cool people are guest starring (including all the usual suspects), there are some “classics” on there and some new stuff to keep everyone happy (except hardcore D&B fans, you’re pretty much not gonna like this one*). The cover booklet is all planned out and its going to be amazing, and if you don’t want one it looks pretty likely that the thing’ll be available on iTunes as well!

Still optimistic about that June 30th release date…

* “Drum & Bass” fans. Fans of “Dungeons and Baddies” are more likely to find something

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