Progress report

Not so many updates lately, even though its the holidays. What HAS he been up to, you’re asking yourself. No, really, you are. WELL I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!

As we say in shit prequels, “our stockade is completely legal”. HERE, PARKES, KERR and I PENETRATE ITS BOUNDARIES. Then, the very next day, we hit Blackfathom Deeps! Two instances in two days? You bet we’re hardcore. Blackfathom looks really different btw:

THe DOORWAYS ARE WIDER! Good work. Blackfathom is characterised also by some annoying-if-pretty water-based combat. We had a massive session in which roughly 8 billion Naga died horribly. I only needed ressing once! Check me out!

Oooh mm the pretty! Notice my cat form in swimmy mode! Another good looking if badly designed thing in the game “WORLD OF WARCRAFT”. Eventually we took them to the land and reaked havoc on their very souls! In the interim, I dinged 29… and I was so close to travel form I simply couldn’t stop! So after running away from a large number of high level mobs in Duskwood…


…my impatience was rewarded in the finest of ways!

AWLRIIIIGHT!!! I’m a cheetah! Check me out!!

So yeah, there go thousands more hours I could have used on something productive. Ding 30 though, and to keep the spirits up, here’s a picture of Ruari, Wilko and I dancing because Parkes took BALLY AGES getting to teh instance. PEACE!

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