Rolling Around the Stuartswell

Who can explain or understand, from the middle of the maelstrom, the individual flecks of spray? The laser-cut wooden hurdy-gurdies, boats full of sheep, a church hall full of greyhounds, the taste of Irn Bru? Climbing the walls of a warehouse in Digbeth. A theatre of mechanical Russian sculptures. Interactive vampire adventures. Canal towpaths, tousled parks, museums, classrooms, and caf├ęs – these are the spaces where everything happens now. What wraps them all together and makes them last? The songs we write about them when we remember, so that we remember. Too often we think – I think – that music is a way of understanding something. But it can also just be saying “I was here at the same time as all these things, before everything changed”.

Keyforge is a brilliant card game. Voyager is one of the better Star Treks. I have a new Cat Empire album and I just discovered Zaz. The Subtle Knife is a very good book, as is The Calculating Stars. And I’m in a superb new(ish) band, and we played a gig recently and we kick ass. At some point soon I’ll write about some or none of these things – on this blog, on my guitar, who knows?

There’s this thing about jam-making. You add sugar and fire to something to make it last.

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  1. Manny McKenzie says:

    I saw you looking at my playlist. The song was Les Passants and yes I can testify that you did indeed kick ass!

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