Self-Indulgent Sound Guys are killing music

Went to the Academy on Cowley Road last night, and am pleased to see that Carling have stayed with their dependable “Big Black Box” venue ethic. Cos that’s what music needs. The character of a big black box. Anyway, that’s by the by – my visit last night reminded me of a rant i’ve been meaning to do for a while now.

I know the theory. Support acts ramp up crowd anticipation. The pause between support and main bands is a lot like the “putting on condom” section of foreplay. And when the band finally explodes onto the stage, their love is heightened by the wait. I know the theory.

But if putting on a condom took an hour, sex would be really really… um… flacid? OKAY let’s try and talk about this in non-sexual terms.

Reasons not to piss about with a “sound test” for more than 15 minutes between bands:
1) You had all day for a “sound test”. How good a sound guy are you? Plus, sound in these large venues is always shit anyway. You gaybians.
2) Standing up for an hour for no reason in a tiny room jostled to the teeth with a full capacity crowd is neither fun nor hygenic.
3) Some big artists

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