So I guess I'll just keep on heading home

Well, the brutal is dispensed with. Two things have happened as a result – firstly, I’m reading a book for fun (The Inimitable Jeeves, if you want to know), and secondly, I’m afraid the album launch party is going to be delayed. After the staggering overestimation of my own abilities posted recently I’ve today come to terms with the fact that the last nine months have left me entirely drained, and I need to spend this time before Pantis chilling out instead of cacking out some tunes I’m not going to be happy with.

The good news is that Pantis is finalised. Here are the dates:
17th June – North Bridge Inn, Exeter (Genevieve Robinson Birth Celebration)
18th – Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (Summer Ball – tickets hard to get)
19th – Catweazle, Oxford (an open mic, but it’s a good one so it counts)
21st – Access Festival, Southampton (we’ll be in the beer tent – of course)
22nd – World’s End, London (a Broken Toy music spectacular)

Super fun happy times ahead! I’ll be accompanied by the Dapper Swindler for some to all of the frivolities, and all the gigs are cheap to free, so if you get the chance, come down and see us!

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