So Very Long 2018

Even by my own miserably poor standards for blog upkeep, 2018 was a miserable performance – one post in the whole year, albeit a brilliant one, is all that separates us from my last retrospective. Because of that, it seems silly to do my usual elliptical recap of the year: it’s been a wild one, but I haven’t been keeping track of it and (I suspect) it’s not one which I’ll remember because of its collection of individual incidents so much as thanks to a few big stand out themes.

Personal stuff and work stuff have interfered with FaceOmeter this year, but things are delayed not dismissed and 2019 is going to be different! With that in mind, please join me in my unusually public commitment to some resolutions: to gig more, work better, relax harder, and check in with you all more often. I hope to write soon about gardens, gigs, and records, but for now – Happy New Year! I’ll try to keep better track of this one.

PS. fuck Brexit

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