some views aren't worth it

played a delightful if sparsely populated open mic on granville island – my first gig abroad! the excitement was almost palpable and so impressed were the crowd that they put up a solid gold effigy of me outside the venue.

here’s what was played (can’t access regular gigs page until I return):
‘Leaf Fall Timetable’, ‘Everybody’s Alright’, ‘Californian Styled’, ‘Hazy Recollection (Local Election)’, ‘Endurance 3 Wit 7’

Over here everyone is being extra careful about forest fires due to the extreme heat, which has thwarted my plans to go to the North BC Flamethrower Fiesta. The whole thing has had to be cancelled, which is bad news for flamethrower lovers everywhere. It means I spent $300 getting my own custom flamer over the border for nought as well, so obviously things aren’t going well. Hopefully, however, the Outdoor Wok Burner Appreciation Society’s 45th anniversary forest hike is still on schedule so the trip won’t be completely wasted. I’ll keep you posted.


(Canadian Pacific Time is minus eight hours)

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