Somerfield is cheaper, but Tesco has more felxible opening times…

I return fresh from a week of consecutive giggage to the land of blog, but I’m afraid these are but passing tidings. My “To Do In Life Soon” list numbers an impressive twelve items, but you only need to know about one: upcoming FaceOmeter and Friends madness! Join us on the 1st of next month (next wednesday) at Cornwall House for One Night Stand, where we and ten other bands will be making a concerted effort to blow your face right off*.

At the moment it seems we’re on stage two (aka. the arse stage) at 7:30 (when no-one will be there). This has rubbed me up verrryyyy sliiightly because this is the slot I always play up on campus and I was kind of hoping that having a band would lead to something a little more prestigious. However, we must take what we are given I suppose… do try and make it if you can!

The recent gigs have been very up/down, but I had a great night tonight at Cabaret Asbo – Will has the sort of stage presence that could, well, yeah, keep a cellar full of standing people interested from the back of the room for an hour and a half. Really good show and I was very pleased to be a part of it (despite early worries that it would suck due to an as-it-transpires-unecessary PA).

Anyway, I should hit the hay before it hits me, so to speak. The best of nights to ye, and sorry I haven’t been updating so much lately…

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