My good friend Emily never stops bringing goodness to the FaceOmeter project. First, she brought the sensation artwork for Campfire Songs, but this time she’s really topped that by sending me this link to a knitting pattern for reusable pantyliners. Because, you know, you never know…

Meanwhile, Tony Blair has accused the media of being a dirty pack of braying wolves. Nice one. I’ll politely refrain from comment on that issue, but I love how channel 4 news saw fit to illustrate the point by getting some footage of Tony Blair, some footage of a press room, and some footage of some braying wolves (I’m serious) and putting it all together on a three-way split screen with a big question mark in front of it. It was the Day Today skit about ‘click ting stamps’, only they weren’t joking.

Who can blame channel 4, erstwhile saviours of intellectual television – they’ve had a bad week.

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