Sweet Home… Birmingham?!

The Raven again for more opened microphone. THE SET WAS:

‘Third Single’, ‘It’s like being Behind Enemy Lines’, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Massive thanks to Kevin and Erin and their band for backing me up on the fresh prince and ‘Californian Styled’ last week as well, those guys sure do know how to rock! Seriously they were fantastic and caught on to my (admittedly very simple) melodies in no time at all. Peace and love to you both.

I also made a li’l CD which shifted a couple of copies at the event: it was called “If Esperanza gets to a country with no extradition charges…” and because I can’t get at the main site yet I’ll leave the tracklist here in case you happened to get one of the ones I couldn’t be bothered to write it on:

1. Lauren (Demo)
2. Everybody’s Alright
3. Californian Styled

The first two, of course, featuring Max Jones. The man, the legend.

OK all this obviously be on the main site later so i’ll leave you with a priceless shot of me relishing the final moments of “all good things”, the greatest TNG episode ever. Props to vinoir for that one!

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