The Evening Awesome

I’ve always known that I love Tom Waits, since I first heard him back at school, but you know how suddenly you really realise how much you totally love something you’ve up until now just been passively assuming that you love?

Summer 2008 will always be Tom Waits summer for me. And it’s been a nicely Waits-ian summer – grey and drizzy, with bursts of sunshine and a solitary thunderstorm. I took advantage of the moon peeping through small wispy clouds over the deserted midnight streets just now and walked round my neighbourhood, poking into roads I’d never seen before with Rain Dogs on Brian Davidson and my dad’s incredibly cool wide-brimmed hat on my head. I visited the deserted Five Ways Tower (mentioned here previously), tipped the aforementioned headwear at a CCTV camera down Frederick Road, smelled some distant cannabis, didn’t see a single other person on my entire walk, and generally had an incredibly brilliant time. Thanks Tom.

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