The Updatening

Well, all, it’s been a while sans updates… but I have my reasons! The PC has broken – too much dust in the graphics card, apparently – so while that’s getting fixed I haven’t been able to get online until visiting Macs’s house (AHAHAHAHA). That’s right, I’m here in London, keeping it ridiculous.

Last night we went back to Oxford on the bus for 4 minutes to get a 1″x1″ memory card which I’d forgotten. A fOwl episode about the horror is forthcoming. It was worth it though, for the hectic Eclectic Folk Choir rose to our challenge upon the return, and provided a sweet session of backing vocals for ‘The Irritating Maze’. Especial thanks to Velvet Fantastic, who really went the extra mile to join the party, but big love also to the rest of the gag – Captain Asthma, Darth Crisps, Secret Mountebank, Geronimo Mowlam, Dangerport Rosie, Heloise and Fudge Wentworth!

More updates as my travels continue – we’re off to Madrid soon to play the Abril No Tan Cruel festival. While you’re waiting, why not check out this brilliant site, thoughtfully provided for your delectation by Jamie “Jim” O’Reilly.

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