This neighbourhood’s for the smartest… they wouldn’t live here if they were so smart

Today has been the day of me carrying INHUMAN AMOUNTS OF THINGS. Initially I went to Sainsbury’s in town and walked back with SIX BAGS OF mighty shopping. Everything heavy that I like was on offer, so I had to buy it! God that was epic.

I also carried two guitars, a keyboard, a mic stand and a rucksack full of wires and adaptors back from the lemmy practice room today. By myself. BECAUSE I AM HARD.

Why was I in the practice room? Well, because today was the monumental first gathering of the team that I am currently referring to as FaceOmeter & Friends! Jon (Backing Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica) dropped my precious acoustic and put a gigantic dent in the bottom… I reluctantly forgave him when it turned out that he’d accurately memorised all the backing vocals for Californian Styled! Claire (Bass / Keys) was slightly overwhelmed by the amount I was trying to make her learn in three hours (sorry!) and got to play more keys than bass by quite a stretch… but she rose admirably to the challenge! And Tony (teh drums) of course brought everything necessary to turn the shoddy Lemmy room drumkit into a percussion set of wonderment and love.

Thanks to all of them and we hope to be bringing you something exciting soon! So far the repertoire

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