'Time Passes'

Well there children, it’s been a while. I’ve been up to my crevice in essays and AHRC submissions, and it’s all about to happen again. But I took a few days off this week to roll around in my own filth, cut a new episode of fOwl (coming soon), engineer a few tracks from the album (now officially half finished, with exactly 4 months until planned release date), and play two important new video games.

Audiosurf proves convincingly that some of the best ideas in gaming come out of the indie scene, and can only ever be made for PCs. Super Mario Galaxy, with equal panache, proves the exact opposite to be the case. Strap in for my lightning double review.

People who skip past the gaming entries on my blog such as Jim “The Paedo” O’Reilly (sorry, I needed his attention) should listen to this next bit anyway: Audiosurf is a cross between a juke box, a racing game, and tetris. Wipeout-style racecourses are made out of the soundwaves of music files you load in from your own mp3 collection, and you then race around them collecting coloured blocks. This game, if it becomes popular, will entirely remove the demand for acid from this country within five years. If that’s not enough for you, it has incredibly easy controls, will work on pretty much any PC or Laptop, and costs $11 (

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