To Coincidence

I had something I wanted to write a song about, and I wanted to tackle it in a new way and take myself out of my comfort zone – so I gave myself a day, started making loops, and eventually videoed the whole thing.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and might even put it on the album. Both in terms of music and lyrics it was a very different approach from my usual, but if it goes down well perhaps I’ll start doing stuff like this more often. My normal technique (sometimes known as the Six Month Pain Horror approach) has definite advantages over things like this in terms of end product, but maybe you can’t write for loops in the same way you might for straight-up acoustic stuff. Another thing I like here is that this – from concepts to music, camerawork to editing, is all entirely my own work. DIY forever, yo.

This song, it may surprise you to learn, is all part of my new Gypsy direction. Here are some other ideas I’m kicking around just now:

  • The Curious Tale of Sally the Tumbleweed (which I’ve been working on since 2009)
  • Really Rude Heron (I need a rapper to help with this, any takers, didn’t think so)
  • Radcliffe, Triumphant (a song about bike theft)

Vexingly, these are all tunes that require some collaboration (I have volunteers lined up for the first and third already), so I suppose the defiantly DIY days of To Coincidence are already waning. But anything which results in there being new songs is probably all to the good!

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