Two Short Announcements

fOwl’s position on the FaceOmeter myspace page just got a bit more ritzy, as I found out how to integrate an episode browser into the embedded video player. What this means is that you can now pick any episode of fOwl to watch without leaving the reassuring presence of Rupert Murdoch’s evil social networking empire. Expect a slightly more elaborate version of the same browser to be part of the changes to this blog, coming soon (ie. definitely within the next 6 months…)

Secondly! In a little under two weeks I’m playing along with Magic Lantern, Gabby Young and others in a toilet in London called Ginglik, which is in the hood of Shepherd’s Bush. This should be a fun night, but if you want to come it will save a lot of time if you e-mail me (face ometer at gmail dot com) so that I can leave your name on the door! You’ll have to fill in a weird form if we don’t have your name due to some nonsense or other. There’ll still be a small entry charge, which will be the same whether you e-mail or not.

Sorry for the upset and hope to see you there!

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