Unless it's a farm

You mean they can’t already?

Ever since my excited preview I’ve been far too busy doing things like playing Team Fortress 2 to tell you what I think of Team Fortress 2, but the short answer is: it’s good.

One of the best things about TF2 is that it tracks a dizzying number of your personal stats, and shockingly enough they reveal that I spend most of my time playing as a soldier – the last thing you’d expect, since the soldier is the “human paladin” of the class-based FPS. But unlike a human paladin, the soldier has a rocket launcher, and playing as a spy for any length of time, whilst ridiculously good fun, is far too intense for my little ginger heart.

Blbbling on about all the different features of this excellent game is somewhat superfluous at this point, so I’ll be blunt. This game requires tremendous amounts of skill and a pretty large slice of luck. The design and balance are flawless – almost unbelievably so. Whilst it’s not without technical issues, there hasn’t been a game that will make you swear at your computer screen or laugh out loud more in the last five-ish years. If you haven’t played it already, I commend it to you.

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