One of the negative aspects of reading sites like Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and CVG daily is that you end up spending a hell of a lot more time anticipating video game releases than you do playing the titles you were anticipating for the years before their release.

This syndrome is worsened by ‘console culture’ (we’re now having vast forum wars between games which no-one participating in them has played) and by the fact that I have increasingly little time in which to flit around the virtual worlds of wherever. But in the spirit of eagerly anticipating stuff I may or may not actually get round to playing, I’d like to keep you abreast of the three upcoming titles which have me the most bugged out. Here they come:

1) Phantom Fucking Hourglass (DS)

I’m only now assembling the mirror fragments in twilight princess and I’m already filled with anticipatories about the next installment of the legend of zelda. This kind of illustrates my point: I should be playing TP right now. I mean, my Wii is here. Switched on. With the save loaded. I could be fighting a dragon. Right this second. INSTEAD I’M LOOKING AT PREVIEWS FOR PH. Which is especially odd given the high regard which both games are ‘clock’ on the FaceOmeter ScoreOmeter at the moment. ANYWAY, it’s out in october and after the import review EG gave it

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